ISSSresearch has collaborated with

Arbour: Research Initiatives in Architecture, Mumbai (IN)
Elke Krasny, Vienna (AT)
Kunst-Stoffe-Berlin, Berlin (DE)
Raumlabor Berlin, Berlin (DE)
Laurent Pellissier, Paris – Berlin (FR – DE)
Simon Oberhofer, Bruneck – Graz (IT – AT)
Raimund Binder, Berlin (DE)
Alexander Römer, Berlin – Paris (DE – FR)
Bernd Hartmann, Berlin (DE)
Chiara Ciccarello, Catania – Berlin (IT – DE)


ISSSresearch was awarded

the “Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky Stipendium” from the BMUKK, AT since 28/03/11.
the “Bourse Jeune Aventure”  from the city of Paris since  01/07/10.
the “Bourse Envie d’Agir” from the region Rhône Alpes since 12/10/10.
the “Bourse CreAvenir” from the bank Credit Mutuel since 15/11/10.

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ISSSresearch was promoted

by the association architects without borders, France.
by the association Anthroposphere – association for creative spatial research.
by the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung der Stadt Berlin.