Multikodierte OstStadt – Pforzheim

Together with bauchplan ).( we developed a new vision for Pforzheim’s Oststadt. In our concept climate, mobility and energy play a central role within the process proposed to achieve the overall goals of more nature, more neighbourhood and more future as answers to the situation as found today. All proposed measures will follow the same objectives to strenghten the identity of the Oststadt leading to more diversity, variety of use and quality of life.

Rahmenplanung Pforzheim Oststadt
Emotionales und strategisches Leitbild | Mehrfachbeauftragung
Auftraggeber | Stadt Pforzheim
Größe des Planungsgebiets | 123 ha
Zeitraum | 2020

Zusammenarbeit | bauchplan ).( Landschaftsarchitekten und Stadtplaner

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