La Marmite | wine bar and show room

The task of the project was to create a space which allows a maximum of flexibility for it’s daily life use and the possibility to be  adapted to various special occasions. To respond to those needs ISSS developed a flexible and mobile furniture system in order to be able to make the space an active enabler for everything which can possibly happen in the life of a wine bar.

The space is divided in two different levels which communicate with each other through a series of openings, enabling deep views from the street till the courtyard. The lower part communicates directly to the street level of Schützenstraße in Steglitz, Berlin and therefore contributes to the urban life of the surrounding neighbourhood. La Marmite | wine bar and show room is a 3D vitrine for the universe of french wines, which are served and sold here.

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Client : Maren Bomarius – La Marmite Gbr
Architects: ISSSresearch&architecture
Building firms: Wolfgang Frederick, Robert Füßer

Illustrations: ISSSresearch&architecture
Model: ISSSresearch&architecture
Visualization: ISSSresearch&architecture