Event n°4 – Nuit Blanche – Berlin – DE

Event n°4 – Nuit Blanche – Berlin – DE

Commented visit and common dinner on Thursday 31.01.2013 at 19:00

During this event, there will be a commented visit of the STADTSCHAUM exhibition by the curators (Ingrid Sabatier & Stephan Schwarz from ISSSresearch) with the possibility to discuss related issues and questions, followed by a common dinner prepard by Dinner Exchange Berlin  at the Alte Zollgarage,, Former Airport Tempelhof, Platz der Luftbrücke, 10965 Berlin.Public transport access: U6 / Bus lines 104/248 till Platz der Luftbrücke.
Free entry to the exhibition.
“The Dinner Exchange is a series of convivial gatherings of people who are interested in the issue of food waste. Prior to the dinner,  we collect food that would otherwise go to waste from markets,  bakeries,  wine merchants,  coffee shops and other food distributors in Berlin. From this random collection of ingredients we aim to create innovative dishes and,  hopefully,  evenings of vibrant social interaction. At the end of each dinner,  guests are asked to donate a sum,  which then goes to initiatives and organizations concerned with food waste and better distribution of food.”
Dinner  Exchange Berlin _ More Info about Dinner Exchange Berlin: http://dinnerexchangeberlin.wordpress.com

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This event takes place in the framework of the exhibition STADTSCHAUM | URBAN FOAM | ECUMES DES VILLES : Urban crisis – generator of the informal city? Case study Berlin, Istanbul, Mumbai and is the third out of a series of four events every Thursday at 19:00 at the Alte Zollgarage

10/01/2013 – Focus Berlin
17/01/2013 – Focus Istanbul
24/01/2013 – Focus Mumbai
31/01/2013 – Nuit Blanche

The exhibition is still open till 31.01.2013, Wen – Sun 12:00 – 18:00, Free entry.

STADTSCHAUM exhibition –> More info

Alte Zollgarage