Polytopos research – Paris


Research on the “Petite Ceinuture” in Paris

Polytopos is a research project about the Petite Ceinture de Paris. Situationist critique and practice towards the city is re-used and applied on the 32km railway track in the city of Paris. The Petite Ceinture is considered as an AMBIVALENT SPACE in the city of Paris. The observations of these dérives are reflected and brought together with the theory of the production of space of Henri Lefèbvre. The product of this aproach towards space is represented in the psychogeographic, trialectic modell of space.

These views on space are followed by general observations on the contemporary city and its lack of real urbanity. These reflections lead to the decission to propose to keep the Petite Ceinture as an AMBIVALENT SPACE for Paris. The reflections on the city also lead to the conclusion that AMBIVALENT SPACES like the Petite Ceinture are needed in a contemporary urban context.

Polytopos is a term for the existance of isotopias, utopias and heterotopias in a defined spacial context. All of the three topias are necessary for real urbanity. Therefore the Petite Ceinture, as well as other AMBIVALENT SPACES are needed in a city to make it really urban, to keep the space of a city an urban cityspace.

The research project POLYTOPOS about the Petite Ceinture de Paris is finished and can be seen  on the web mow –> schwarz_polytopos_2009

Some impressions from the Petite Ceinture in the following film:

© Stephan Schwarz | 2009